We take pride in the long-lasting connections we make within Phi Chi Theta.

Note: Founding Fathers will be labeled with FF*

Headshot - Tyler Schulman.jpg

Tyler Schulman FF*


Current Role: Private Bank Analyst at J.P. Morgan
Graduation: May 2021, B.S. in Finance and B.S.  Personal Finance


"Phi Chi Theta gave me the opportunity to develop professional, leadership, and social skills in the workplace. I can genuinely say I would not be where I am today without PCT. The Fraternity truly valued my individual success and I could not be more grateful for that. As a founding member, I am proud to see the chapter flourishing and cannot wait to see what is in store for the future as our successful alumni base continues to expand across the country at well respected companies."

Michael Siriani FF*


Current Role: Financial Analyst for the Debt & Equity team at Colliers.
Graduation: May 2021, B.S. in Finance, Concentration in Real Estate

"Phi Chi Theta enhanced my college experience tremendously, both professionally and socially. Through PCT, I landed my first internship and full-time job offer, gained valuable leadership experience, and grew my network at USF - all while doing it alongside many lifelong friends within the fraternity. "

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Lauren Bustillo


Current Role: Global Learning & Development Coordinator at Kincentric
Graduation: December 2020, B.A. in Global Business, Concentration in Marketing

Darcy Williams


Current Role: Institutional Sales Analyst at Barings
Graduation: May 2022, B.S. Finance

"Phi Chi Theta was the backbone of my college career. It has impacted me not only professionally but personally. It’s given me my life long friends that push me to be the best version of myself. I know that last sentence was very stereotypical, but it’s true. Being in chapter every week and getting to hear about everyone’s accomplishments, really gets you motivated to take on life and strive for greatness.
Being able to serve as V.P. of Recruitment was the most rewarding experience. I was able to grow the chapter size by 91%! Insane! Knowing I was able to help students join an organization that was going to help them flourish in their professional and personal lives was the best."

Darcy WIlliams headshot.jpeg
Javier Puig headshot.jpg

Javier Puig

Current Role: Performance Analyst, Commercial Payer Performance at Aledade Inc.
Graduation: May 2021, B.S. Business Analytics and Information Systems, Concentration in Healthcare Business

“The ability to serve in leadership, gain confidence, and extend my reach in the business school are definitely my top three benefits.”

Madyson Winters


Current Role: Merchandising Intern at Victoria's Secret PINK
Graduation: August 2022, B.S. In Business Advertising    

“Phi Chi Theta benefitted me in multiple ways throughout my time at USF. Since joining my freshman year, I had the chance to obtain numerous leadership opportunities to shape the chapter. My first role was philanthropy chair where I organized community-based activities and raised over $1,000 for COVID-19 relief during the pandemic. After that, I transitioned into Vice President of Recruitment to support the potential new members. Although it was virtual recruitment because of the pandemic, it allowed me to be more flexible and embrace a new virtual environment. During my junior year, I became President of the chapter and was able to lead the members throughout the pandemic and transition back into in-person activities and meetings. I am extremely proud of all the members in the chapter, and without them, Phi Chi Theta would not be where it is today.”

Madyson Winters.jpg
Alex Fernandez - Alex Fernandez.jpg

Alex Fernandez

Current Role: Business Intelligence Engineer at Amazon
Graduation: May 2022, B.S. in Business Analytics and Information Systems

“I gained a lot of valuable business skills that shaped me into the person I am today. PCT also allowed me to hold a leadership position as social chair for two semesters, and although it was intimidating at first, it was an incredible experience filled with great memories. I was also able to form great friendships with people that I’ll stay in contact with for many years to come.”

Dalia Quiles


Current Role: Account Management Intern at 22Squared
Graduation: Aug 2022, B.S. in Business Advertising

“I believe PCT offered unique opportunities and experiences that could truly be found nowhere else. Not only was I able to find jobs through this organization, but I believe I have made lifelong friends and formed long-lasting connections, professionally and casually. Additionally, I was able to gain various leadership experiences, having served both in cabinet and exec, along with being a member and alumni. This had led to me building confidence both in and out of school in ways I believe would not have happened without PCT. I am proud to be a sister because I know this organization has so much potential and will help shape the future generations at USF.”

Alexandra Batke.jpeg

Alex Batke


Current Role: Marketing Intern at ConMed    
Graduation: August 2022, B.S in Marketing     

“PCT has been the best thing I was involved in throughout my college career. This family helped me achieve things I never thought I could do as well as build relationships and connections that will last a lifetime. I am a proud sister of Phi Chi Theta because we hope to see everyone, including yourself, to be as prepared as possible in reaching their goals in life.” 

Juanita Morales

Current Role: Account Specialist at Rakuten Advertising, 
Graduation: December 2021, B.A. in Global Business, Concentration in Marketing 

“PCT helped me with accountability during my last semesters of college, surrounded by the right people to stay on track with my goals. Additionally, having been in leadership for a year, I gained confidence in public speaking, voicing out my thoughts and ideas, and leading a group of people. The teamwork skills I gained from my experiences in PCT are definitely helpful now when interacting with my current team and with the clients I work with.”

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brittany - Brittany Junkins.heic

Brittany Junkins

Current Role: Digital Marketing Coordinator at Calling All Dogs 
Graduation:  May 2021, B.S. in Business Advertising

“PCT helped me improve my networking skills and introduced me to people that have since helped push me in life and my career.”